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Creative Farmhouse Decor Ideas

It’s possible to have the style of a country farm home even if you are living in a big city or suburb. Just take a look at all these cozy farmhouse decor ideas that bring country charm.

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DIY projects are easy ways to give your bedroom, bathroom, and living areas some vintage charm. Handcrafting your own pieces make them unique and you can add in your favorite colors.


From simple candlesticks to a distressed white bench on the front porch, it’s easy to incorporate the style in every living area.


Baskets and open shelving is a simple way to incorporate this popular style. You’ll find all these amazing kitchen farmhouse decor ideas at


Making your own distressed painted signs is a budget friendly way to add an old country feel to any area of the home.


There’s no need to spend a lot of money on styling the home with a country decor. You can even mix and match inexpensive furniture!

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