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DIY Planner Ideas for Organization

Buying a day planner can be expensive. But instead of buying, you can make your own with these cool DIY planner ideas. It’s so easy to make a custom one yourself.


When making your own personal planner, a good starting point is to visit an office supply or stationary store. Find a template you like and emulate it.


Printable planner pages make it really easy to make your own. Many websites such as offer downloadable printables.


You can get all out creative if you want and add glitter accents to your DIY organizer. However, if you want the simplest option, search for “free day planner download.”


Rather than have a boring blank page that merely says “Day Planner”, you can visit a fabric store and cut out a piece of beautiful material to make for your cover.


You can even design the cover using colored duct tape strips. Use velcro strips for pen holders. Stitch a pocket on the inside flap yourself so you can store your phone.


The truth is there are so many variables to designing your own that you need to see pictures for inspiration. Head on over to Pinterest for more ideas.

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