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Easy DIY Cleaning Hacks

For all those out there for whom cleaning is a drag, these easy house cleaning hacks will provide some help and inspiration.


A great way to make sure your home cleaner than ever is to have some basic cleaning supplies handy. Storing them all at one place can limit the amount of times you clean.


Have every member of the family take up certain tasks and responsibilities to clean the home. Eventually, cleaning will just become a habit and won’t feel like a chore.


It is a great idea to set a time everyday, even if it is just for 10-15 minutes, which can be the power cleaning time. Use this time to look around your home and quickly clean up as much as you can.


Regular decluttering will not just reduce the mess you already have, but you’ll also need less time to clean your home afterwards.


The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a great cleaning tool to keep in the house. These versatile sponges make cleaning your baseboards super easy.


You don’t need to spend hours every day just to make sure every corner of your home is perfect. Just stick to a regular cleaning routine, and that should help.

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