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How to Clean a Smelly Sink Drain

A smelly drain can be a real pain in the neck. Not only is it disgusting and unhygienic, but it can also attract flies and other pests. The good news is that there are several ways to clean a smelly sink drain without spending a fortune on expensive drain cleaners.


Hot water and soap removes grease from your dishes, and the same thing can happen when you pour boiling hot water down your smelly drain.


Vinegar is a natural and potent deodorizer. When used in drains, it can dissolve biofilm and other gunk that causes bad smells. Vinegar is also great at dissolving small clogs and can clean smelly sink drains, which are often the cause of odor problems.


Mixing baking soda and vinegar together creates a chemical reaction that releases carbon dioxide — this helps lift dirt off surfaces and clean sink drain smell.


Purchase a plastic drain snake. If smelly drains are an ongoing issue in your house, the time and money invested in this method might be worth it!


The pipe under your kitchen sink with a U-bend in it is known as a P-trap or sewer gas trap.  Keep it full of water at all times, because it will help to prevent sewer gas from escaping through the plughole.

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