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How to Get Free Makeup Samples

Wondering how you can get makeup samples for free by mail? It’s actually not that hard. You just have to be willing to give up something in exchange that you may not like.


One way to get free makeup samples is to sign up for a subscription service like Ipsy or Birchbox. 


Another great way to get free beauty samples is to visit the websites of your favorite brands. Many brands offer free stuff on their websites, and all you have to do is provide your mailing address.


One popular program offering free samples by mail is PINCHMe. Its community of “pinchers” seems to be a legit, no-scam enterprise.


Make sure to read the fine print on websites that promote complementary products. Avoid any websites that make you pay a cent for a membership.


OhYes!It’sFree is another website where you can get stuff mailed to you at no cost. The site’s no-cost mailers have included mascara, eyeliner, foundation and lipstick.


Visit the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website to see if a certain company or website has any complaints lodged against it before giving them your information.

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