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How to Get Sour Smell Out of Towels

Towels get stinky, soggy, and mildewy. The good news is there are many simple solutions on how to get sour smell out of towels so you’ll never have to put up with smelly towels again.


Many of us already have white vinegar in our homes for cooking and cleaning. It’s a safe and effective means when learning how to get rid of towel smell.


Lemon juice is an effective choice for whitening and disinfecting clothing, as well as towels. The lemon’s properties — and its strong, acidic smell — can also combat musty odors in fabrics.


You probably already have bleach in your home. It’s great for sanitizing, removing stains, and eliminating odors. How to get sour smell out of towels using bleach? Use it in your regular wash or monthly maintenance of your towels.


Baking soda is alkaline, making it a popular choice for odor removal. It neutralizes bad odors and can soften fabrics as well. To get smell out of towels, you can use baking soda in your regular laundry or in your deep cleaning of towels.


Run your towels through the dryer on the highest heat setting after each use. This will help to kill any bacteria that may be causing the smell.

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