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Homemade Gummy  Candy Kabobs

Candy kabobs are an easy and fun treat! They make great party favors, but they’re also great to serve at parties. These adorable treats will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth!

Let’s get started!

"These are so fun – would be the perfect idea for a birthday party favor! - Gina

What You Need!

01 10-inch Wooden Skewers 

02 Assorted Gummy Candies


Soak the skewers in water. Soaking the skewers in water beforehand will make getting the candies easier to get on.


Take one skewer and shake off excess water. Place a larger gummy at the bottom, about 2 inches from the end.


Stack additional gummies on top. When about half-inch from the top, add a larger gummy or marshmallow to cover the sharp point.


To keep fresh, wrap in an 11×3-inch cello bag and close off with a twist tie.

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