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How to Unclog Drain Hair

When you need to get hair out of your drains and prevent it from happening again, this is what you need to do.


Using tweezers, you can remove hair and other objects in the drain with ease if the obstructions are just a few centimeters away from the drain opening.


Mixing baking soda with vinegar creates a chemical reaction that bubbles through clogs and breaks them up. The weak acid in vinegar reacts with the basic nature of sodium bicarbonate, and the carbon dioxide created by the reaction helps foam up the mixture.


Boiling water is a smart do-it-yourself trick for clearing away some of those nasty buildup in your drain so it runs again.


You can use a straightened wire hanger to clear a clog in your drain. However, if you find yourself facing an especially tough clog, you may need to purchase a drain snake


A plunger can dislodge clogs using pressure created when the rubber cup of the plunger is sealed against a drain opening and the handle is pushed up and down rapidly.

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