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Is Carbquick Keto Friendly

Need a low-carb flour alternative to make all your favorite recipes? Check out Carbquik biscuit and baking mix. It has 90% less carbs than a traditional bake mix and can be used in the same way.


Is Carbquik okay for a keto diet? Those on a strict ketogenic diet should avoid Carbquik because it’s made with white flour, soy flour, and wheat gluten.


The mix contains enzyme modified wheat flour, oat fiber, eggs, palm oil, buttermilk, egg whites, salt, baking powder, soy fiber, wheat starch, canola and or sunflower oil, emulsifiers, and natural flavor.


Can you substitute Carbquik for all-purpose flour? Carbquik is a substitute for flour that is made from wheat and soy.


What is the difference between Carbquik and flour? It contains less carbs than regular baking mixes that contain traditional flours.


How many carbs does Carbquik have? There are just 2g net carbs per serving.

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