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Linen Storage Ideas without a Closet

Blankets, sheets, and towels can be stored easily throughout the home if you don’t have closet space for them. Check out these simple linen storage ideas without closet to keep everything tidy and tucked away neatly.

These are some simple ways to store linens when you don't have a closet to put them in!


You can fold sheets and stack them on a top shelf or cabinet in the kitchen, or roll them up and put them in a basket or bin.


An option for storing towels is to roll them up and put them in a basket or bin and this takes up less space!


Roll blankets and put them in a plastic storage container or even a cardboard box. This will keep them dust-free and organized.


Put large quilts & comforters in a dresser or armoire. This is a good option if you want to keep them out of sight when not in use.


If you’re tight on closet space or live in a small apartment, you can still create an organized and functional linen storage area.

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