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Popular Low-Carb Rice Substitutes

If you want to lose weight or stay lean, try a low-carb rice substitute. Starches quickly convert into sugar and can cause rapid weight gain. That’s why these keto friendly alternatives are much better for your diet.

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A popular low-carb rice substitute is broccoli rice. It’s a great alternative if you don’t like cauliflower or want an alternative to it.


If you’ve never tried cabbage rice, you’re in for a treat! It has a mild flavor that goes well with just about any dish.


Zucchini takes on the playful nickname of zoodles when it gets cut into long thin strands and makes a perfecr rice or pasta substitute!


If you’ve never heard of shirataki noodles, all they are is a tiny amount of vegetable fiber and about 98 percent water. They come from Japan and make a great low-carb rice substitute!


Also known as a Mexican turnip or yam bean, jicama is often used an an apple or potato substitute.

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