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Soft Foods to Eat After a Tooth Extraction 

After getting a tooth (or teeth) pulled out, the throbbing pain may make eating difficult. That’s why you’ll want to stock up on soft foods to eat after tooth extraction. This list of healthy choices will help you recover.

If you're having a tooth pulled, you'll want to prepare a few meals ahead of time. Here's what we recommend!


Bone broth is rich in protein and contains fiber. Thus, it’s a nutrient-dense food that may help your recovery.


Puree or blended soups like carrot, tomato or pumpkin are good choices. Just stay away from anything too spicy or acidic which may aggravate the pain.


Making an avocado smoothie offers just the right texture and it’s good to have after tooth extraction. In fact, any veggie smoothie with a little fruit blended in makes the perfect treat.


Any steamed or boiled veggie that you can swallow without causing pain will provide healing nutrients.


A ripe banana is soft enough to mash right in your mouth. It might be easier to slice it into a bowl and mash it first, though.

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