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Strawberry Tanghulu Recipe

If you’re looking for a quick and delicious way to enjoy strawberries, then you should try making a strawberry tanghulu recipe. This simple treat is made by dipping fresh strawberries into a hot sugar syrup that surrounds the fruit in a sweet candy shell.


Wash and completely dry the strawberries.


Skewer strawberries, one per skewer, and set aside.


In a cold saucepan, add water, then corn syrup, then sugar, then cream of tartar. Stir to moisten sugar.


Bring to a boil over medium-high heat and boil until sugar dissolves and bubbles. Do not stir the mixture while boiling.


The sugar coating is ready after bubbling for 7-8 minutes. Sugar syrup reaches the “hard crack” stage at 300°F. Or test by dipping a stick into the sugar syrup, then into ice water. If the sugar coating hardens, it is ready.


Turn off heat immediately. Tip the pan so the syrup pools to one side. Dip and twirl strawberry into the sugar syrup to coat.


Immediately submerge the coated fruit into ice water. This does 2 things, it sets the candy and chills the fruit, which was warmed by the hot syrup.


Repeat with the remaining skewers until candy or strawberries are used up. Remove strawberries from the ice water bath and set aside on a serving plate.

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