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The Best DIY  IKEA Hacks

Who says you can’t have expensive-looking furniture without spending a fortune? Get the best DIY IKEA hacks to transform their minimalist and plain-looking home decor into works of art.


Here’s a brief breakdown of how you can manipulate your IKEA dresser to look like something you’re proud of


Turn a Shelf Into a Built-In The Billy bookcase can transform a staid, ordinary bookcase into something that looks like an interior designer dialed up.


Repurposing Spice Racks What’s really cool is buying a few spice racks from IKEA and hanging them from the kids’ bedroom wall. You can hang stuffed animals, books, puzzles and other items.


Instead of cluttering your desk with supplies, you can store staplers, paper clips and the like on the spice racks. To hang the spice racks, this hack from Good Housekeeping suggests also buying pegboard to place against a wall.

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