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Keto Pasta Alternatives

You may be surprised to learn that you can easily enjoy your favorite pasta dishes on a keto diet! There are plenty of keto pasta alternatives out there that are just as delicious as the carb-heavy ones.

The thought of eating a ketogenic diet without pasta might cause some serious cravings. But you can easily find a pasta substitute for keto to suit your tastes.


Spaghetti squash is another popular keto pasta alternative that can be a great way to get your daily dose of vitamin A and potassium.


This keto cauliflower mac and cheese makes a healthy lunch on the go that tastes surprisingly close to your favorite comfort food.


If you’re looking for a pasta substitute that’s keto with minimal prep, look no further than sprouts!


One of the sturdier keto pasta alternatives, heart of palm is a vegetable found in the core (aka “heart”) of some palm trees.


Shirataki noodles are a type of long, white Japanese noodles made from konjac root fiber. This traditional pasta substitute is keto and gluten-free with a pleasantly neutral flavor.


Kelp noodles are made entirely from seaweed. They don’t have a strong flavor of their own, which allows them to soak up complex flavors from other ingredients.

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