Soft Foods to Eat after Tooth Extraction

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After getting a tooth (or teeth) pulled out, the throbbing pain may make eating difficult. That’s why you’ll want to stock up on soft foods to eat after tooth extraction. This list of healthy choices will help you recover.

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Are you looking for some easy and healthy meal prep ideas after getting a tooth pulled? Removal of wisdom teeth is the most common oral surgery and you’ll need to stick to soft foods for at least the first couple days after. [SOURCE]

You should also stay home and get rest while you recover. But if you want some productive things to do when you’re bored do some reading or watch some how to videos online.

Tooth removal can be quite painful. Especially if you have removal of all four third molars at the same time.

Depending on how severe your condition is, it usually takes a few days to a full week of recovery time. However, even have little appetite during the first few days, it’s critical that you get enough nutrients. Eating soft nutrient-dense foods may even speed up the recovery time.

Foods To Eat After Oral Surgery For Pain Relief

One study shows that vitamin B12 supplementation results in lower pain scores. The study specifically measures the pain scores at 6 hours and 120 hours after tooth removal. The test subjects were given a B12 tablet 30 minutes after the operation and for four days, once a day.

So what whole foods are a good source B12? According to an article by Harvard Health, the top two foods with the most amount of B12 are clams and liver.

Both clams and liver are soft. So if you can tolerate it, try to gulp a few ounces down. Clams and liver blow away all other foods in terms of B12 content per serving.

Clam chowder and liver pate are top picks when it comes to soft foods to eat after oral surgery. The added vitamin B12 may help with pain as well.

Broth is one of the best soft foods to eat after tooth extraction

Best Soft Foods To Eat After Tooth Extraction

Need some more ideas for what to eat after getting a tooth pulled? Let’s take a look at the top foods recommended by dentists and oral surgeons .


When it comes to broth, choose bone broth because it’s loaded with minerals and other nutrients. It also contains savory spices and vegetables.

Typically, it takes many hours–up to 48–for bones to simmer long enough to break down nutrients into the warm liquid.

Bone broth is rich in protein, specifically collagen protein. The collagen from the cow or chicken or fish breaks down into the soup. And by sipping it, the amino acids in the animal collagen may help rebuild your own collagen.

Collagen is a living, growing tissue that gives bones the strength to withstand pressure. Your teeth mainly consist of collagen.

There aren’t any studies that say drinking bone broth is good for tooth extraction. However, it may be possible that the collagen in it can help with tissue repair.

It’s also rich in protein and contains fiber. Thus, it’s a nutrient-dense food that may help your recovery.

Just make sure the broth isn’t too hot. Go for lukewarm at most.


Obviously, other soups will provide you nutrition and won’t cause pain in your mouth. That is, unless, you don’t heed the above advice to make sure the temperature does not exceed lukewarm.

Puree or blended soups like carrot, tomato or pumpkin are good choices. Just stay away from anything too spicy or acidic which may aggravate the pain.

Just make sure if you’re making soups in a food processor that it’s blended for long enough. This ensures there won’t be any chunky morsels that will stab your healing wound.


You can also relive your early childhood years by eating applesauce. While it’s not the most nutrient-dense food, organic applesauce with no added sugar at least provides some nutrition and will provide sugar carbs for your brain.


Avocados are a tricky fruit. They need to be just the right texture to be palatable, much less tasty.

But it’s wise to eat them after wisdom teeth extraction. That’s because they are an excellent source of fat. (Some people even call it a “smart fat.”)

The problem with avocados is that they can be too chunky. For this reason, it’s best to pulse it in a food processor until it’s creamy and smooth.


Making an avocado smoothie offers just the right texture and it’s good to have after tooth extraction. In fact, any veggie smoothie with a little fruit blended in makes the perfect treat.

Just make sure the drink isn’t too cold and don’t use a straw! Sucking on a straw can create a “dry socket” from the suction.

What are the best soft foods to eat after tooth extraction?

Other Good Soft Foods To Eat After Tooth Extraction

There are plenty of other good food choices to enjoy during the first day or two. Take a look at some of our other top picks.


Smooth and creamy yogurt comes in so many delicious flavors. Just make sure you watch out for added sugars in it. You should also make sure to let it sit out at room temperature so it’s not too cold.

Cooked Vegetables

Any steamed or boiled veggie that you can swallow without causing pain will provide healing nutrients. Mashed potatoes are another great choice. Or you can mash cauliflower and blend in some butter and milk for a faux mash potato.


Some sources suggest eating salmon because it’s a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3’s are lauded for fighting inflammation.

But the reality is that eating salmon isn’t likely to heal your pain or make the inflammation magically go away in a couple days. You’re going to be sore no matter what.


A ripe banana is soft enough to mash right in your mouth. It might be easier to slice it into a bowl and mash it first, though.

mashing sliced bananas in bowl


Because of it’s sticky and chewy texture, it’s best to avoid oatmeal for the first two days. Instant oatmeal is best as it breaks the oatmeal down to cook faster. You can even add in some finely blended strawberries.

Baby Food

If you want some pre-made food, baby food is always an option. Since babies have no teeth, all the foods can be swallowed without any chewing involved.

Foods To Avoid After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Avoid anything acidic. This includes oranges, orange juice or other citrus fruits and their juices. Also avoid tomatoes and tomato sauce … at least for the first few days after the tooth extraction.

According to this Florida-based dental practice, don’t eat anything with seeds. Seeds can get stuck in the surgery site.

So you might want to keep your chia, flax, and hemp seeds out of your smoothies for the time being.

Also stay away from popcorn, cracked pepper, spicy foods, and over-the-counter mouth rinse. And obviously, stay away from anything that’s crunchy or too chewy.

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