Amazing DIY Makeup Hacks to Save Time & Money

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Who has the money for expensive beauty products and a stylist? These amazing DIY makeup hacks can make you look red-carpet ready without the need for your own personal makeup artist.

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If you’re like me then the last thing you want to do before you go out for a nice dinner is spend lots of time in front of the mirror.

Do you agonize over getting your foundation, mascara and eyelashes perfect? Does it take you forever to do your nails just right? And let’s not forget the lipstick … does your significant other get testy with you because your perfectionist lipstick application ritual is making you run late?

You know, I used to be like you. But then one day I just said enough is enough. Maybe it’s because I’ve been married for several years and don’t have the same pressure as a single lady; I want to look my best but I don’t have to put in the effort.

Well, even if you are single, here are some tricks I’ve learned over the years from various sources, including gossip magazines and DIY beauty blogs.

Here are my tips for saving money and time on makeup.

For starters, the best way to save money is getting beauty products by mail for free. You can  visit several different websites that offer free samples and in short time amass a little collection of makeup and beauty products. Just make sure you read the fine print to ensure that you don’t have to pay a membership fee if it’s a free trial offer.

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Weird Makeup Hacks

But here are some DIY makeup hacks for product that you already have. Some of these tips are outside the box tricks you can use the next time you want to look nice when going out.

If you’re like me (or like I used to be when I went out a lot), the first thing you reach for is the eyeliner. I have brown eyes that don’t really pop. So to draw more attention, of course, eyeliner is a must.

But many times eyeliner is such a pain to apply. This trick, though, makes it way easier: take your eyeliner pencil. Hold it over a lighter for just a second. Count to 10 or 15 seconds and apply your eyeliner. Doing this will make it way easier to use your pencil.

Also, if you have short, uninspiring eyelashes (another genetic curse from which I suffer), you can use this following trick….

Instead of making a sweeping motion with the mascara upwards, sweep down. Yes, that’s right. Instead of sweeping towards your forehead, your lashes will look way fuller if you sweep down towards your nose. This tip might not help your lashes grow. But another advantage of this makeup hack is will help your eyes look bigger.

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More Mascara Beauty Hacks

For me, mascara makes all the difference in the world. Just applying it and nothing else makes me look like the belle at the ball. If you can relate, I have a couple more mascara tricks….

If you’re addicted to a particular mascara brush like me, you want to hold on to it for as long as possible. In fact, you never have to throw away your trusty favorite brush. Simply wipe it off and apply another mascara with it.

And even the most seasoned glamour professional has made the mistake of applying to much mascara. To avoid this problem, use a spoon. As you’re applying the mascara, hold the rounded part of the spoon against the upper part of your eyelids. The excess mascara ends up on the spoon, not your face!

Here’s one more beauty trick involving mascara. If you’re a penny-pincher like me, you want to squeeze the life out of the container. Many people ditch the container when the mascara dries up. But all you have to do is pour a few drops of saline solution in the container. You’ll get at least a few more “servings” of mascara with this hack!

DIY Makeup Hacks for Beginners

If I really wanted to get dolled up (I’m dating myself by using that expression!), I would apply eye shadow. But a lot of times, when I used it, the color would appear too dull.

However, this trick works wonders: apply white eyeliner on your entire eyelids, and then you can apply whatever tint of shadow you want to go with. White eyeliner accentuates the color.

Lipstick Tips & Tricks

There are two main problems ladies usually have with lipstick. The first is having it run and the second is not applying enough to last the evening.

Let’s take care of the second problem first. All you have to do after applying the coat of lipstick, lay a tissue across your lips. Then, sprinkle some translucent powder on the lipstick. This beauty hack makes your favorite lipstick color set and stay on longer.

Now then, let’s tackle the first problem: how to prevent embarrassing lipstick stains on teeth! To prevent this, after applying your lipstick, put your pointer finger in your mouth. Next, simply close your lips around your finger. So far so good? Great, now, remove your digit. Doing this will prevent excess lipstick from staining your teeth. But it will get on your finger.

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Yet another lipstick fail is when your lipstick breaks. Don’t despair! Simply take the broken piece. Then, warm the bottom of said broken piece with a lighter for a few seconds. After that, reattach it to the main lipstick piece. You’re not quite done. Now, place the lipstick tube in the freezer for a couple hours. Magic! Your lipstick is fixed.

I told you I like to save money. You won’t believe this trick. You can maximize the lifetime of each lipstick tube you have by heating it on a gentle setting with a hair dryer for a handful of seconds. Then, take the melted lipstick and store it in a flat lip balm container. Instant lipstick applicator for emergencies!

Life Hacks for Makeup

One of my favorite all-time makeup tricks is to take a broken eye shadow container when there’s still product left and transforming it into lip gloss. To do this, smush the eye shadow into a powder. Then, mix it with some Vaseline.

But one thing that used to annoy me and still does when it comes to makeup is removing it.

Microfiber clothes you can buy at the dollar store are great for doing the job. So, too, is olive or jojoba oil.

Hopefully, your social life is more exciting than mine. Next time you go out for date night, I hope these amazing makeup hacks come in handy….

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