Getting Makeup Samples For Free By Mail: Worth doing?

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Wondering how you can get makeup samples for free by mail? It’s actually not that hard. You just have to be willing to give up something in exchange that you may not like.

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What’s in your cosmetic essentials kit? Chances are, it’s a lot.

Beauty must-haves include foundation, concealer, mascara, eye pencils, brow definer, eyeshadow, and blush. Some make also consider lip balm, lipstick, highlighter, toners, masks, and serums essential too.

A full line of cosmetics can cost well over a couple hundred dollars. But there are ways to get complementary cosmetics to help you save money. And it’s a one of the many productive things to do when bored.

In today’s economy, it is more important than ever to find ways to stay within budget. To keep your cosmetic costs down, there are a number of ways to get free makeup samples by mail.

Ways to get free beauty samples

There are dozens of websites where you can get complimentary beauty samples.

One way to get free makeup samples is to sign up for a subscription service like Ipsy or Birchbox. These services send you a monthly box of beauty products, and many of them include samples of different types of makeup. However, subscription services aren’t free.

Another great way to get free beauty samples is to visit the websites of your favorite brands. Many brands offer free stuff on their websites, and all you have to do is provide your mailing address.

You can also try looking for beauty freebies in stores. Often times, cosmetics companies will set up tables in stores with free product samples for customers to try out.

PINCHme program

One popular program offering free samples by mail is PINCHMe. Its community of “pinchers” seems to be a legit, no-scam enterprise.

Here’s how it works:

In essence, you get stuff merely for creating an account and sharing your opinion about the products you get by mail. (They do not require you to enter credit card info.)

Why do companies give product away at no cost to you? Especially if you don’t have to enter credit card information.

Beauty brands require customer (and potential customer) feedback from hundreds of people. Without the feedback, companies like Sephora have no idea whether or not the products they’re creating are any good.

In addition, companies need to know if consumers think highly enough of their products to recommend them to friends. This is why it’s easy to get free makeup samples from them.

Keep in mind, however, that the stuff you’ll get won’t last long. The cosmetic company ends up winning out in the long run if you like their product and end up buying the regular size.

Basically, the company is banking on you becoming a lifetime loyal brand advocate just by providing a free sample offer.

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Notes on makeup samples for free by mail

Make sure to read the fine print on websites that promote complementary products. Avoid any websites that make you pay a cent for a membership.

Offers for free beauty samples should be transparent. Look to see if there’s a trial period and if you eventually will be charged a monthly or yearly fee.

PINCHme doesn’t charge any money for an account. They likely make money directly from the cosmetic companies to promote their goods.

A reputable website also won’t make you pay for shipping. It wouldn’t be free if you had to pay $5.95 for a sample that weighs less than a feather.

The PinchMe website simply requires you to fill out a profile. Companies pay dearly for consumer profiles for their marketing database.

High-end brands want to know your spending habits and consumer metrics such as age, income, level of education, etc. If you’re leery of having your data mined and traded, it’s probably best to avoid getting free makeup samples.

However, if it’s product you desire, certain websites such as PinchMe advertise even more ways to get stuff without paying. For example, there are social media giveaways.

Just make sure your home address is current on your Facebook profile. PinchMe uses this profile address to ship your package.

Again, all giveaway websites want from you is to answer questions about your shopping habits. It helps companies market their products and services.

Indeed, it can be a win-win situation for consumers and brands. Just be prepared to get hooked on a product if you like it. You’re not going to be able to get the same product at no cost over and over again.

(Unless, perhaps, you’re a very successful YouTube influencer. But there’s only so many of those….)

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The kind of products you can get

Let’s once again use PinchMe as an example. In the past, there were a few products you can get at no cost from BIORÉ.

This includes a self-heating one-minute mask, a deep-cleansing pore strip, micellar water (makeup remover) and baking soda acne cleansing foam.

OhYes!It’sFree is another website where you can get stuff mailed to you at no cost. The site’s no-cost mailers have included mascara, eyeliner, foundation and lipstick.

The website says:

“Wondering how to get free makeup samples by mail? Simply find the samples your interested in and follow the instructions to request your freebie. Be patient for the delivery time and the next thing you know, you’ll get free makeup in the mail. It’s just that easy!”

OhYes! also lists other ways that shoppers can take advantage of free makeup samples besides signing up for an account on its website.

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Is there a catch to small free beauty samples?

You’re probably familiar with the expression “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” So can you get freebies without being scammed?

Despite your doubts, the short answer is… Yes, you can.

However, there are some things to keep in mind about even the most legitimate of websites offering stuff at no cost.

  • Some offers will take you through a confusing maze of external websites. Then when you enter your personal information on a website that takes you to another website, expect to receive lots more promotional emails. Or even annoying phone calls and text alerts.
  • It might not be easy to opt out of third-party offers. However, sometimes it will be a simple link click in an email.
  • There are websites that are total scams. Do your research before signing up for an account.

Playing it safe

Visit the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website to see if a certain company or website has any complaints lodged against it.

A company, Conversion Marketing, had to pay nearly $500,000 in fees, says this FTC report.

The FTC article claims the defendants promised “free” samples of tooth whitening kits, then debited consumers’ accounts without their authorization.

Furthermore, the FTC alleges the defendants made false claims about their weight-loss patches. To pour salt on the wound, they called consumers listed on the National Do Not Call Registry.

Another company, Nutraclick, had over 70,000 complaints filed against it, says this legal website.

The FTC claims Nutraclick failed to clearly disclose to people who requested free makeup samples, that they would be enrolled in a membership program and billed up to $79.99 per month. The fine print said that the consumers had to cancel within an 18-day trial period.

In conclusion, let the buyer beware … even if it’s free.


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  1. I think it’s smart of makeup companies to send out free samples and as a customer, who wouldn’t want to try new products and maybe find something you’ll love.

  2. Guess I never really thought about getting free samples for make up before. Now I am going to have to google just so I can see. Will be checking some of these out for sure.

  3. I will share e her g.this with my sister because she loves Make-Up and getting free samples is something I can see her doing.

  4. I find that samples are typically crappy – that’s why they’re free – then they just wind up causing CLUTTER in your bathroom. So I say – NAY. NOT worth it.

  5. I use PinchMe and sign up for free samples every month. I love PinchMe. It’s a great way to try a product to see if you’re allergic to it or if you like the smell and feel of the product.

  6. I love getting my hands on samples, it really helps me make up my mind to if I want to buy the product or now – so I think it is such a good idea for companies to do this.

  7. I did PinchMe for a while, and they really are fantastic. I’ve also seen those annoying sites that take you all over the place and make you hit “yes or no” to a zillion “offers,” then tell you that you have to do X things to get the freebie. No thanks, I’ll just buy it, lol!

  8. I think it a wonderful investment for companies to send out free makeup or beauty products to those that already love their brand or those who are interested in trying their products.

  9. Oh cool, I didn’t know about this. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but my daughter would want to try this. She’s been experimenting with make up lately to see what works for her.

  10. I’m in a forum where people share promotions where makeup and skincare companies offer free samples. I really love when the samples arrive and I’m so happy to try them out. I have ended up buying several full sized products because I have loved the samples.

  11. This sounds neat especially if you aren’t sure about a product before you buy it. It’s nice to try it out first. I know I’m really enjoying the makeup subscription box that was gifted to me. Its been really neat checking out all the products inside.

  12. I have gotten some really great products this way, ones that I wouldn’t have paid that much for because I didn’t know how awesome they were!

  13. I love getting free makeup samples by mail. I think it is a great way to try out a new product, especially when I am hunting for a new one. I will be checking PinchMe out.

  14. I joined PinchMe because of the promised free beauty samples but never received a single beauty product. I did get some animal food and treat samples, which my dog and cat loved, and some other products. I don’t actually get offered anything anymore so I don’t know what’s up with that. I think I’ll head over to the site and see if maybe they added more profile questions and mine just isn’t filled out all the way and maybe that’s why it doesn’t offer me anything. Thanks for reminding me about it!

    • Thanks for the feedback on PinchMe Cassie. Maybe there just wasn’t a match? I’m not really sure how they pick who gets the samples.

  15. I am not into makeups but I love a good shade of lipstick. I got an invite about Pinch Me on my email and maybe I should give it a try.

  16. Could you plzzzzzz send me free makeup samples, im currently unemployed and would love to look and feel good atleast. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE…

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